AVC Show Reel

ART DIRECTOR: Josh Lynch MOTION DESIGNERS: Matt Culbertson, Dennis McCarthy, Katie Johanson EDITOR: Matt Culbertson Key animator/designer in the following pieces: 0:00 Intro/Outro 0:05/0:38 Connect the Dots 0:12 Harley Davidson Giveaway 0:15 Innovators (James West) 0:17 Mini Cooper Giveaway 0:20, 0:52 Simple & Slick Casino Signage 0:21 Harrah's Logo Bumper 0:25 Jackpot Celebration 0:28 Dealership Wayfinder 0:31, 0:49 BB King Video Wall 0:35 Casino Odometer 0:39 Harrah's Blackjack Challenge 0:46 Gaming Support Bumper 0:48 Innovators (Marconi)

At AVC, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to lead many of these projects and collaborate with great team players at my side.

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